Wonderful fall day

October 19, 2008

Today was the most beautiful fall day, a bit brisk but still very sunny. Nate and I took a drive to Reading to a video game convention in the morning.

Nate snapped this picture of me driving :/

Then we went to the park and took about a 2 hour walk searching for black walnuts for me to bake with. Sadly we only came back with about 5 but it was a really nice walk! We took these pictures inside of the covered bridge.

I also got a picture of this wonderfully adorable mouse

After our walk, nate cooked up some turkey and chee sammiches and then I made some Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins.

I tried out my new silicone muffin cups and i found that they REALLY saved time, effort, and clean up. Very good investment. and nate loved the muffins.

Here is the delicious final product

I shaved some milk chocolate hershey bars on the top.

Also, here is my homemade drop spindle and joker mask covered in plaster. I think im going to do one more coat on that before cutting into it.

That is all ive got for this saturday night! If i get anything productive done tomorrow i will be sure to update. Im going to continue sulking over my dietary restrictions on those muffins 😦


One Response to “Wonderful fall day”

  1. stef said

    dude…muffins are awesome. that is all.

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